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BMW i8 tune available!

I recently had the opportunity to test and tune the BMW i8 using a tune made by Alex Myers of Yorkshire DPF Centre. He's now offering this tune, as well as 3 others. You can select Stock, Pat's Tune, Stage 1, pops and bangs, etc. When you order this tuning tool please use the Promo Code PATSGARAGE to save some money! The tool ships from the UK, but PayPal will do the monetary conversion for your country. Check it out!

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Dec 12, 2020

Pat, I have been watching your videos and really appreciate the i8 content you have put on YouTube. I am also excited for your new NSX and your upcoming content. I am looking forward to trying out Alex's tune which I just ordered and used your code. (Thanks! I saved 50 quid on that!) I like the car a lot, but you are right, coming from turbo cars (highly Lotus Esprit to modified Saabs and Volvos) I miss that hit when boost comes in. I also drive and own modified muscle cars with torque (one of the last Firebird Trans-Ams with the LS1 and a modified Magnum with a very torquey HEMI). I want a bit more rawness in …


Hi Pat watched all your vids, several times. Have you considered upgrading the rear callipers? I’m not a fan of single pot callipers for several reasons including aesthetics

whats your view?

Cheers Craig

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