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Pat first purchased his project / show car in 1993, which was a 1978 Corvette.  With his father's help, he restored the car to near show quality and started winning trophies at car shows.  The car got plenty of attention at car cruises as well.  In 2000, after many years of enjoyment in the C3, Pat purchased a C5, which was a 1997 Corvette.  He registered and provided technical education to other C5 owners.  That site still exists today.  

After losing his job due to the financial crisis of 2009, he sold his 1997 Corvette and after finding a new job and saving up for 10 years, he purchased a 2015 BMW i8.  Pat considers the i8 an "Exotic" and not a "Super Car."  He does his own work on the i8 and openly shares his tips, tricks and tools used in order to help other i8 owners make their ownership experience much easier. 

Pat brings the the BMW i8 to many car events and enjoys sharing the i8 experience with others.  He can be found taking photos or video at these events.  Be sure to follow on Instagram and YouTube.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. As an eBay Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.




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